The scenographer is a designer of atmospheres. The atmosphere is a space that tells a story and offers free creative interpretation. The scenography produces an experience of metaphorical immersion that becomes the synthesis between what is represented and what the representation leaves in the observer’s mind. The only real protagonist of the scenographic realization is the spectator.


Artistic expression is at the heart of the Atelier’s work and is, in a certain sense, the core of his work. Everything stems from the idea of ​​a philosophical thought that underlies the creation of engaging, exciting works of art organized in an experiential space. The multimedia that characterizes the works of art is what makes them unique, unforgettable, seductive and hypnotic visual experiences.


Working in interior design means bringing a new and different concept of their arrangement into closed, pre-established spaces. The aim is to create an engaging atmosphere that best expresses the client’s identity. The person who will experience the space will have to feel it as his own, they will have to inhabit it as if it were an extension of themselves. Inside of it, the individual characteristics of the client and the viewer have full expression, as if they were furnishing their own mind.